How does one exactly do this blog thingy?!

Ok, I’ve been meaning to start  this blog for ages but once ive written it all i delete it all as i feel it isnt creative enough or its too boring, but really who am i trying to kid i am boring and who really is going to be reading it!!

Anyway now thats been said, all i really want to blog about is my sewing projects (I was putting them on face book but im sure my ”friends” are sick of seeing them)

This the story;

Last year(2010) after i had my 3rd baby, i had this teribly lost feeling, like i didn’t know who i was any more, who i wanted to be or what i wanted to do and to top it all off i just didn’t want to be or do anything. I cried all the time and was anxious and panicky over everything. These feelings were diagnosed as postnatal depression, which was and is still quite hard for me to admit, I didn’t want people to think less of me, i thought they’d think i hated my kids (which i didn’t) and they’d take them off me.

After being put on medication and having some councelling i started to feel much better and was able to reason with my feelings. I decided i should do something for myself, i decided to teach myself how to sew and to my surprise im not all bad.

So here i am now getting ready for my first market stall in about 14 days time, Im terrible scared but you know what it great to actually feel excited about something again.

Ill be back latter to put some pics up but if i don’t press create post now i may never do it.